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Camerino Bakery Celebration Cake

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Chocolate drip cake with Arc of Berries

2-layer 6" chocolate drip cake with vanilla buttercream filling, adorned with an arc of berries and figs.


Chocolate Party Cake

1 layer of fluffy chocolate sponge cake topped with chocolate coconut ganache and decorated with a mix of freeze dried berry bits, dried petals and flaked coconut. NOTE: The cake is vegan, but the piped messages are written in buttercream, which is not vegan as it contains milk. We will pipe the message on the board, but please inform us if you prefer the message to be on the cake itself.


Classic Single Layer Cake

A single layer of 8'' sponge cake, topped with frosting. NOTE: the frosting is on top of the cake only - not on the sides. Field for piped message


Cookie Cake

Camerino's classic cookies, but big enough to share (8"), piped with the message of your choice!


Piped Buttercream Flowers

2-layer 8" vanilla sponge cake with buttercream and homemade raspberry jam filling, decorated with an arc of buttercream flowers.

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