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Mediterranean Platter*

A beautiful catering with flower from spicy ventricina salami, Finocchiona with fennel seeds full of aroma and the classic Spanish Serrano ham. Combined with all classics Brie, comte and morbier from France, the Italian Gorgonzola and the Spanish manchego.


Italiano platter *

Antipasti as it should be. Classic peppery salami rustico, spicy spianata di sala, amazing tender coppa, and of course the Parma ham, 13 months aged prosciutto.

24 months aged parmigiano reggiano combined with balsamic vinegar, Shropshire blue cheese, the German tomem aux fleur aged with edible flowers and herbs full of aroma and flavour, the french sheep semi soft ossau-iraty, and the Swiss classic gruyere.


Italian-Irish Platter *

The best of Irish cheese with an Italian touch: Milano salami and the lightly smoked speck.

Our spicy Gubbeen chorizo from cork and its cheeses smoked or regular from your choice, a Killeen goat gouda and it’s nice nutty aftertaste, amazing Irish cheddar mount Leinster, another Irish Gouda Coolea and our famous Cashel blue cheese.


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